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Established in 2007, Bluecorp provides and manages IT staff to assist and guide small- to mid-sized companies in reaching their software needs. We currently operate on a variety of projects both in Europe and in the United States.

All our developers are screened and employed by CMS, one of Sri Lanka’s oldest and well established IT solutions provider.

Our experience runs deep, as CMS has actively been providing IT support and solutions to our affiliated partners for over 20 years.

We supervise locally
You manage locally
We develop remotely.


Is Bluecorp the right solution for you?

Small- to mid-sized companies?

Our core business model aims to small- and mid-sized companies encountering difficulties to recruit skilled resources.

Virtual teams

If your ambition is to create a virtual team capable of expanding your local team, Bluecorp is your preferred partner that will support you in the recruitment and management of your resources.

Our solutions

  • Dedicated full-time resources
  • Long-term relationship
  • ISO 27001-2013 certification
  • Flexible and liable partnership

Your advantages?

  • Skilled resources
  • Team extension and expansion
  • Joint HR management
  • HR Retention

Interested by our offshore staffing solution ?
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You asked for technologies ? We deliver!

As various technologies are required by our customers, we are looking to hire highly-skilled professionals in Sri Lanka who are experts in the particular technologies. Not only are we cautious about hiring the best professionals available but also to continue to train them to stay close to all technologic evolutions they are facing.

This is the reason why we do ask all of them to get the latest certifications in their respective technologies : not only for the quality assurance it gives to our customers but also to have the best skilled developers.

We have certified developers in Microsoft® technologies, Adobe® technologies, Java technologies, Opensource technologies and are continuously looking at those certifications. More than that, those certifications are part of everyone's objective on a yearly basis.


Technologies are nothing without someone to pilot.
Your best asset: your people on both sides !

The productivity of your resources will depend on your ability to manage them - technically and humanely.
Bluecorp helps you to achieve your objectives in terms of team development and management

Hiring the best for your interest

Step 1- Selection and filtering
Step 2- Interviews and recruitment

We make your tech handling simple: some case stories

PHP to ios emergency!

After working on a REST API for a service which was done in PHP, you suddenly get a request from the client to create an app for their service in iOS. What an opportunity! Jump in with both feet, learn iOS from scratch. A unique challenge to try one of the newest technologies and a completely different experience from a scripting language. At the end, you add another badge to your belt and wear it proudly!

Handling it with agility

You look at JIRA and you find that there’s a new requirement to support on OAS. So you look at the OAS Documentation and understand the XML web-service method to call and the parameters. Then you look at the home grown OAS Wrapper Code base and understand how the new value needs to be handled in the core common domain and methods. You see that it can be handled by adding a field to a JSON stored internally. Then you do the change and create a unit test using Mockito and integration test to keep an eye out for other future changes which might break this change. Having all the tests passing Jenkins you release OAS Wrapper using Maven and update your changes to the main code base.

Net improvement made easy

You need to create the first impression in the mind of the web shop customers through convincing images and a precise product description, rich in meaningful keywords.

Using WCF and Cordova, we worked to enhance the customer experience by creating a responsive, mobile friendly site, upgraded the backend CMS to leverage additional customer profiling and business intelligence features and improve site loading times.

Big is beautiful

Databases are chugging on well, despite millions of transactions received per hour. Who says SQL Server cannot handle big data efficiently? Isn’t 6.5TB not large enough for a single table! It just needs to be properly maintained as everything else, and that’s what we do all day along. And then there are few tickets from all around the world. Japan, US, UK, France and Turkey to be exact. Brazil, Belgium, Singapore seems to be silent.

By end of the day, we leave the office making sure that the next person who starts looking into the system will have a good day… Working on a huge 24/7 online system is no small task…